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Grave covering, Monument production, Individual projects.

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Monument production

At Us you can find various colors, thicknesses of granite and stone for monuments. Each monument is individual, so we help our customers to choose every detail.

Grave covering

We can cover the grave with granite slabs and rubble. When designing a graveyard, we can leave the soil for flowers, and adjust for easier access. Also, the tomb requires minimal maintenance.

Individual projects

We design and build graves, unique monuments according to your individual wishes. We work with the client until his vision is fully implemented and the best option is discovered.

3D Engraving on granite

We can engrave more than just a name at the request of our customers. We can decorate the monument, the tomb, if covered with granite slab: poem, a portrait and any other paintings you may want.

Trails, flower beds, vases and benches

We build tracks from granite tiles, design and plant flower beds. We also offer vases and benches of various sizes and colors, perfect for older visitors.

Sculptures, blacksmith works

To make the grave of the deceased look more exclusive, cozy and acquire lasting artistic value, you can apply to make sculptures and blacksmiths. Choose from a variety of colors of granite, marble or metal.

What our customers say:

Frequently asked questions

Where can you be found?

You can find us: Production workshops: Girkaliai, Klaipėda district. Shopping area: Klaipėda, Šilutės pl. 1B. Branch: Mažeikiai district, Tirkšliai (near Visvila gas station)

What services do you provide?

Our services: First-hand production of monuments, covering with granite slabs, design and installation of graves, vases, candlesticks and sculptures for graves.

What is the price?

The price depends on many factors such as where the grave is located, what construction work is being done, the color of the granite, the thickness, and so on.

Do you produce individual projects?

Yes, our specialists will help you to select and design a new monument, a tomb according to your vision, a photo. 

Where do you work?

We perform work extensively in Lithuania.

Where to find more of your work?

Some examples of works are in our works gallery.



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